February 8, 2023

4 thoughts on “Call for Abstract submissions for the 1st East Africa Clinical officers Conference

  1. Proper Resource allocation and utilisation in harmonizing clinical officers and physician associates towards attaining health coverage.

  2. Hello Guys, My name is Adane. I’m an Integrated Emergency Obstetrics, Gynecology and General Surgery Professional Specialist(IESPS) from Ethiopia; GACOPA is doing a good job in introducing the clinical officers in different countries under different names. Here in Ethiopia, We’re called with name of “Integrated Emergency Obstetric Gynecology and General Surgery Professional Specialist. It is a 3 year Masters program, which enrolls Professionals with a background of Health Officer and Bsc Nurses. We’ve contributed a lot in achieving SDG through reduction of maternal and perinatal mortality as well as early trauma associated deaths.
    We, IESPS in Ethiopia, intensely want to strengthen our ties with our comrades working in different countries and share their experience.

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